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From scattered dreams to laser-focused goals, I guide entrepreneurs to crush targets and lead with unwavering confidence for their families.

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Mindset & Vision

Supercharge your motivation and strengthen your mindset to tackle the challenges you’ll encounter in your journey to freedom.

Finances & Goals

Improve your financial literacy and knowledge to take control of your finances, get on the path to financial independence and set clear goals to help you achieve your dreams.

Performance & Productivity

Boost your performance and self-management skills to avoid burnout, become more productive and make space for more free time in your life.

Sales & Marketing

Increase your income and master the art of communication to become confident in selling and serving the right clients who need your services.

Meet Your Coach

Hey! I'm Rick Veronese, an entrepreneur, writer and lifestyle designer.

I have been in the design industry for almost a decade now. First as a struggling freelancer, then as a full time UX Designer, and then again running my UX consultancy – this time with a LOT more clarity and success compared to my first experience.

Today I help Creative & Digital Designers create the business they need to achieve the freedom they want in their life. By working with me you will quit your job, get clients and design your dream business and life.

This website is your destination for actionable tips and ideas to advance your career and life so you can create your dream lifestyle.

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