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Locanda Perinella

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I was asked to redesign a local, family owned restaurant, Locanda Perinella. Established in 1992 in Brogliano, Italy. Locanda Perinella is a typical local hotel and restaurant located in the beautiful valleys of Northern Italy.

The challenge

The client needed a complete overhaul of the design to attract more customers and keep up with the competition. This project had a 8 weeks time deadline.


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Strategy & Research

Competitor Analysis

After asking a few questions to understand what goals needed to be accomplished, I did a Competitive Analysis. Perinella has a typical rural and elegant feel, so the research was limited to similar restaurants in the area. The outstanding questions were the following:

  • Do our competitors have a website?
  • Do they have an online booking feature on their website?
  • Do they have a menu that could be seen online?

Research Findings

From the Competitive Analysis I could see that many of the competitors had outdated and difficult to use websites.

  • 50% of the competitors in the area didn’t have a website, none of the ones that had were easy to use or understand.
  • None of the competitors had an online booking system.
  • All of the competitors with a website had a menu.

For budget reasons we (the client and I) decided to leave the online booking feature for a later time. In the discovery process I found out that the Locanda has a variety of dishes that change daily, so I implemented a function where the owners can change the menu in full autonomy.

Exploration & Prototyping

Site Architecture

Once I defined all the requirements for the redesign, I created a site map, which helped me focusing on the key design screens and overall architecture of the website.


With the Sitemap at hand, I started doing some rough sketches of the main pages of the website and then proceeded in making a digital version in Photoshop.

Design Production


If I had more time and budget to work on this project I would’ve focused on adding an “online booking” feature so customers could book a table or a room directly from the website. I would’ve also dedicated a few more hours to usability testing to quality assure the overall user experience.

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