Hi, I’m Rick. I’m a writer, designer and professional overthinker. This website is your destination for actionable advice at the intersection of work & creativity. If like me you’re curious about how to get more creative, productive, innovative and inspired, you’ll feel right at home here.

Back in 2012, after having failed at various career attempts (including a venture in playing online poker full time) I decided to teach myself a craft in web design. I figured that being good enough with a computer, and considering myself a creative person, that seemed the most reasonable choice.

The struggles lived between the day where I found my vocation and the present have been filled with amazing lessons. I want to share these lessons with others, but be aware, this is not a hero’s journey, it’s more like I’m trying to figure things out and share my findings along the way.

In this space, I’m going to share everything I’ve learned about creating a career with no outstanding skills, no formal education, and most certainly no idea of what I was doing.

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